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“Different kinds of people getting along can achieve wonderful things together.”
― Jordan G Kobos

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G.F. Smith

Materialise the world's favourite colour in a paper! For centuries, GF Smith has been synonymous with supplying the creative world with innovative and prestigious papers and boards. Best known for Colorplan with 55 colours, 25 embossings, 8 grammages, and matching envelopes (large formats can be ordered for only a few sheets), GF Smith also offers a huge selection of beautiful and intriguing papers.

But GF Smith is not only an excellent company in the world of design and luxury, it is also an excellent company for its employees. Its exemplary corporate culture is clearly the formula behind the creative genius of its products. Click on the video below to see for yourself. Need a creative boost? Discover the GF Smith range.

G.F Smith's Collection

GF Smith offers an exceptional selection of papers and services tailored specifically to the needs of the creative industry. Born out of a passion and love for papers and an innate sense of beauty, the GF Smith collection looks beyond the possibilities of paper.

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James Cropper

Europe's leading manufacturer of high quality solution dyed papers since 1845, James Cropper offers a wide range of bespoke solutions, allowing customers to tailor everything from fibre composition, shade, grammage and size to surface finish, embossing and other effects.

But what really inspires us about working with this factory is the people. English humour aside, our friends at Cropper are people you can trust completely, combined with a high level of expertise and a sense of friendship. Happy people make amazingly innovative and technically incomparable products! Find out more !

High quality products and capabilities

The innovative approach to papermaking is what distinguishes James Cropper, whose experience spans nearly two centuries.

  • Are you looking for customised products to meet your own specifications? We are open to new challenges.
  • Papers that recycle paper cups under the name CupCycling™
  • Or perhaps an existing product but in a previously unobtainable colour? You've come to the right place.

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For more than 130 years, Römerturm has stood for high-quality fine papers and artists' papers, which for them are more than just paper, they are "cultural goods of the senses". To thrive, Römerturm sees it as an evolving challenge to elegantly combine tradition and modernity in its papers; after all, paper is nothing less than a medium that expresses the culture and subtlety of its sender.

We admire this company, not only because we share its credo of "We love paper", but above all because this love of paper is clearly reflected in its wide range of paper qualities, which stand out visibly. As a partner of Römerturm, we at Wibni are able to offer a variety of paper qualities that is unique on the market (translucent embossed papers ? different shades of black ? Japanese paper art at your fingertips ? And much more...). But that's not all, Römerturm's responsiveness to changing market demands is also essential to serve you, our customers, even better!

Römerturm believes that paper is alive... we say that it is our collective love for it that keeps it so !

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M&M Luxe

Manufacturer of the most elegant silk paper in the world, MM Luxe is the company that created Mousseline Pyrène ®. This silk paper is a very light, fine and silky paper that wraps prestigious products with elegance. It is synonymous with luxury. MM Luxe can customise the colour and printing of your next silk paper request.

What we love about this French family business, apart from their summery southern accent and high production standards, is that a passion for creating sophisticated, quality paper runs through their veins !

The Silk Paper That Defines Luxury

As the European leader in tissue paper, MM Luxe's reputation means that the biggest brands want to work with them. They are the first tissue paper producer with an ecological approach.

MM Luxe boasts Pyrene ® fabric, a natural product made of noble wood, 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Even though the products are fully dyed in the mass, they are non-bleeding and do not fade in contact with water. The coloured range is permanently tested by the "LAB" process and the white paper is guaranteed for food contact (fatty, dry and moist foods)..

Available in 56 colours and in customised printed versions.

Applications in the classic packaging and luxury sectors: Ready to wear ° Lingerie ° Cosmetics ° Perfume ° Jewellery ° Shoes ° Crystal and China ° Hotel ° Leather goods ° Floristry ° Wines and Spirits ° Arts and crafts ° Special occasions ° Confectionery and Chocolate °

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Lahnpaper is the market leader in the manufacture of speciality and non-woven papers and has particular expertise in the creation of hybrid papers (between paper and synthetic). They offer a wide portfolio of products for industrial and print media, bases for digitally printed wall decoration, outdoor advertising, special packaging.

We are proud to partner with Lahnpaper, not only for their unique product offering, but also for their reliability in providing added value to customers.

Hybrid papers, special papers and nonwovens

Thanks to their cutting-edge technology and many years of experience in the manufacture of mixed-fibre products, Lahnpaper is recognised both for its ability to find out-of-the-ordinary solutions for demanding needs and for new product developments.


Are you looking for a durable, waterproof and dimensionally stable material? Or a special printing medium for your advertising campaign?

Primarily used in situations where stringent quality, stability and flexibility requirements must be met, this range of impregnated speciality papers, synthetic and non-woven papers or films are your best choice for industrial and creative applications.

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Horizon Pulp & Paper

Horizon Pulp and Paper is the most reliable company we know of for Kraft papers. As a customer-focused, stable and independent company, Horizon has a long experience and tradition in manufacturing a wide range of 100% virgin unbleached Kraft papers, used for a number of applications in the packaging industry, such as paper bags, laminating, industrial packaging, etc..

Kraft papers make a significant contribution to reducing the use of plastics in packaging, making it an increasingly popular product. Horizon's long-term vision for the environment and its commitment to long-term partnerships make working with Horizon even more rewarding.

The specialist of unbleached sackkraft virgin paper 

Horizon produces a wide range of 100% virgin unbleached kraft papers which are used for many applications in the packaging industry. All Horizon grades are produced from 100% virgin long fibre softwood pulp. The mill uses the best raw material available for kraft papers: Nordic pine and spruce. The quality of the raw materials has enabled the Nordic kraft grades to take the leading position, preferred in terms of performance.

Horizon only produces unbleached varieties. It should be noted that we also have a rewinder that allows us to produce counter rolls with a minimum width of 40 mm..

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Pascal Jeanjean

Pascal Jeanjean imagines and creates exceptional papers, gastronomic, artistic, seeded papers, and gives them life in the manner of the Compagnons artisans of the past.

Qualified by "The world of Interiors" as one of the "Best handmade paper makers in the world", he is the new partner of Wibni. Made in Belgium, Pascal puts his talent as a master paper maker at the service of the most demanding customers, bringing them the quintessence of old-fashioned paper.

He also creates watermarks on demand with breathtaking finesse.

A real work of art for lovers of purity.

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